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Aryati Ahmad

Visiting Research Fellow

Charlotte Albury

Research Fellow in Health Behaviours and Teaching Lead in Qualitative Research ...

Jeanette Allsworth

PA to Prof Paul Aveyard and Prof Susan Jebb

Rachel Ashwanden

Public Engagement and Events Manager

Nerys Astbury

Senior Researcher - Diet & Obesity

Paul Aveyard

Professor of Behavioural Medicine

Paul Bateman

Statistical Programmer

Rachna Begh

University Research Lecturer & NIHR Postdoctoral Researcher

Nargis Begum

Clinical Trial Manager

Ailsa Butler

Postdoctoral Researcher & Systematic Reviewer

Elif Çoker

DPhil Student

Brian Cook

Senior Researcher - Health Behaviours

Johanna Cook

Senior Trial Manager and Team Lead (Infectious Diseases Research)

Louisa Edwards

Trial Coordinator

Min Gao


Anisa Hajizadeh


Georgina Harmer

Research Assistant

Jamie Hartmann-Boyce

Associate Professor

Laura Heath

Academic Clinical Fellow

Alice Hobson

Research Assistant

Susan Jebb

Professor of Diet and Population Health

Dimitrios Koutoukidis

Senior Research Fellow

Charlotte Lee

DPhil Candidate & Junior Dean

Nicola Lindson

University Research Lecturer & Cochrane Managing Editor

Melissa Little

DPhil Student & Dietitian

Jonathan Livingstone-Banks

Managing Editor & Research Fellow - Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group

Mary Logan

Senior Scientific Officer / BRC Theme Manager

Moscho Michalopoulou

DPhil Candidate

Elizabeth Morris

Wellcome Trust Doctoral Research Fellow

Michaela Noreik

Health Behaviours Trial Manager

Rachel Pechey


Carmen Piernas

University Research Lecturer

Barbara Robinson

Clinical Trials Facilitator

Jadine Scragg


Tanisha Spratt

Postdoctoral Researcher

Lindsay Stead

Managing Editor, Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group

Cristina Stewart

Health Behaviours Researcher

Annika Theodoulou

Systematic Reviewer & DPhil Candidate

Madeleine Tremblett

Qualitative Researcher

Angela Wu

DPhil Student

Lucy Yates

Public Engagement Coordinator, LEAP

Sufen Zhu

Research Assistant