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Ruya Abdulsalam

DPhil Candidate

Charlotte Albury

Associate Professor

Jeanette Allsworth

PA to Prof Paul Aveyard and Prof Susan Jebb

Ben Amies-Cull

Health modeller

Erin Amor

Trials Administrator

Nerys Astbury

Associate Professor - Diet & Obesity

Paul Aveyard

Professor of Behavioural Medicine

Lauren Bandy


Liliia Bespala

Academic Visitor

Elif Çoker

DPhil Candidate

Xue Dong


Rachael Drewery

Qualitative Researcher

Hannah Forde

Senior Researcher

Min Gao


Emma Garnett

Post doctoral Researcher

Josephine Gondwe

Research Assistant

Richard Harrington

Senior Research Data Scientist

Daisy Harrison

Assistant Trial Manager

Laura Heath

Wellcome Trust Doctoral Research Fellow

Kathryn Hubbard

Study Coordinator

Susan Jebb

Professor of Diet and Population Health

Ru Jia


Cinja Jostock

Research Assistant (Food Purchasing)

Jack Joyce

Qualitative Researcher

Asha Kaur

Senior Researcher

Ethan Knight

Research Assistant

Dimitrios Koutoukidis

Senior Research Fellow

Melissa Little

DPhil Student & Dietitian

Kayley McPherson

Research Assistant

Moscho Michalopoulou

Behavioural Scientist

Elizabeth Morris

Wellcome Trust Doctoral Research Fellow

Alice O'Hagan

Research Assistant

Rachel Pechey

Associate Professor

Anna Pun

DPhil Probationer Research Student

Jessica Renzella

Lecturer in Population Health

Peter Scarborough

Professor of Population Health

Jadine Scragg


Amelia Talbot

Rosamund Snow Fellow (DPhil), Patient-Led Researcher, Junior Qualitative ...

Elena Tsompanaki

DPhil Candidate

Sarah Wane

NewDAWN Trial Manager

Sam West

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