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Christine A'Court

Clinical Researcher & GP

Maryam Ahmadyar

DPhil Student

Luke Allen

GP Academic Clinical Fellow

Eleanor Barry

NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow, DPhil Student

Joanna Crocker

Senior Researcher

Julie Darbyshire

Research Manager/Senior Scientific Officer

Claire Duddy

Realist Reviewer

Nick Fahy

Senior Researcher

Jillian Fardon

Theme Liaison for BRC Partnerships, Health, Wealth and Innovation Theme

Stuart Faulkner

Programme and Operations Manager

Anne Ferrey

Senior Researcher and Departmental Lecturer

Teresa Finlay

Health Services Researcher

Alexander Finlayson

Academic Clinical Fellow

Richard Gleave

DPhil Student

Gemma Hughes

Health Services Researcher

Dominic Hurst

DPhil Student

Laiba Husain


Suzanne Ii

Qualitative Researcher

Alexandra Jager

DPhil Student

Caroline Jordan

Administrator & PA

Polly Kerr

NIHR Oxford BRC PPI Manager

Mona Koshkouei

DPhil Candidate & Pharmacist

Koot Kotze

DPhil Student

Katrin Micklitz

DPhil Student

Sara Paparini

Health Services Researcher

Chrysanthi Papoutsi

Senior Researcher

Caitlin Pilbeam

Postdoctoral Researcher & Tutor in Qualitative Research Methods

Samantha Roberts

DPhil Student, affiliated with GTC

Adrian Rohrbasser

DPhil Student

Alexander Rushforth

Post-doctoral researcher

Lucas Seuren

Health Services Researcher

Charlotte Thompson-Grant

Personal Assistant and IRIHS Administrator

Julian Treadwell

NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow and General Practitioner

Michael Walker

Academic Clinical Fellow

Jacqueline Walumbe

NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research Fellow, DPhil Student

Joseph Wherton

Senior Researcher

Geoff Wong

Associate Professor in Primary Care